Agricultural Chemicals  05/24/19 11:37:13 AM

Ag Chemicals

SEK COOP Inc. has joined forces with Bayer Crop Science to help fight; what seems like a never ending battle against yield robbing weeds. Bayer has a long line of row crop herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to help YOU produce high quality crops to feed the world. 

Products include:  Corvus, Balance Flexx, Diflexx Duo, Capreno, Autumn Super, Delaro & Stratego YLD Fungicides


DOW AgroSciences and SEK COOP Inc. have a long time relationship in rangeland products. With a lot of our trade area in Cattle Country we provide herbicides for the Rancher to increase grass tonnage for higher weight gains and we all know that higher calf weights Equals more money in the bank!!!!

Products include: Remedy Ultra, GrazonNext HL, PastureGard HL, Tordon 22K, Chaparral and Surmount.

Valent has given us excellent soybean pre and post-emergent herbicides with some products having some residual from 6-8 weeks!!!!

Products include: Fierce, Fierce XLT, Valor EZ, Valor SX, Valor XLT, Cobra, Select Maxx and Resource.

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