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SEK COOP Inc. provides premium corn and soybean genetics from Stine Seed Company. Stine Seed Company is the largest independent seed company in the country giving YOU  the producer, top of the line genetics for 4 Decades. Stine Seed Company has access to all corn and soybean traits from Conventional Non-GMO to the lastest Enlist E3 soybean varieties. This is one of the many reasons why SEK COOP chooses Stine. 

We also handle Alta Seed for those that want strong, high yielding grain and forage sorghum.

COOP is the place to purchase your plot seed. We carry everything from clovers to winter oats, wheat, triticale, cereal rye, turnips, radishs, winter peas and much much more!!!!

If you have any questions about which hybrid or variety will work on your farm, don't hesitate to call SEK COOP located in Yates Center, Virgil, Fredonia and Severy.

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